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You would like to give your product a distinctiv look? Lables inform, signal and advertise for the qulitiy of your product. They are a part of Corporate Identity and provide that your product can be identified everywere. Lables are the ambassador of your product.


Coding systems


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MS 1000


DP Futuro i+

coder kennzeichnungssystem   markiersystem ms1000 startseite2   thermotransferdrucker
Easily and inexpensively identify with our coder.   MS1000 for the contactless application of paint and liquid media.   Direct pressure systems to be mounted on horizontal and vertical packaging machines.
Coding System
  Marking System   Thermal Transfer
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You want to give your product a great face?

Labels inform, advertise for your product quality, are part of the corporate identity and ensure that your products are recognized everywhere.
Labels are the ambassadors of your product!

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