Coder - applications

The Coder was primarily developed for easy and low cost marking. With its compact design, the Coder can be used
in a great variety of applications either as a single solution or integrated with a positioning system, depending on the
requirements of the system in question.


Designed for integration with:

To print on:

  • Vacuum packing machines
  • Bag form and fi ll seal machines
  • Labelling machines
  • Traysealers
  • Filling machines
  • Paper
  • Foils (hard and soft)
  • Aluminium and aluminium compound foil
  • etc.


CODER Funktions

The Coder functions as a Flexographic printer with a pneumatic cylinder and utilizes rubber types, plastic types or rubber clichés as a data medium. The ink is extracted from the cartridge by a pneumatically powered swivel print head and transmitted onto the substrate in question with positional precision.

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