ms 1000 - applications

The MS 1000 marking system was developed for applying ink dots to nearly all surfaces or materials, contact-free. The system, which consists of a control unit, ink system and marking head, allows the marking of products with inks of various colours and properties.

The product to be marked can either be stationary or moving. In addition to inks, the Ms 1000 marking system can also be used to dose and apply other low- viscosity media in the form of dots.


Example Applications:
  • OK/not OK parts marking
  • Installation marking
  • Inspection point
  • Length marking
  • Quality assurance
  • Minimal oil lubrication
  • Punctiform application of scents, separating agents,
    adhesives, etc.
  • no atomised spray
  • simple and rugged system
  • designed for use in harsh industrial environments
  • modular structure
  • System can be self-installed
  • low maintenance costs
  • Marking heads work independently of position
  • Marking is possible when stationary or moving


Functional principle

When pressurized, the ink system sends the ink to the marking head. If the control unit receives a start pulse (from a photocell or PLC), the plunger, which closes the nozzle in the marking head, is magnetically lifted off of the nozzle for a few milliseconds.The internal pressure in the system causes a drop of ink to leave the nozzle, which flies to the product without any additional air jet.The dot size can be changed  via the nozzle size, nozzle opening time, pressure in the ink system and plunger gap setting on the marking head.

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